The Making of a Mural: What Really Goes into Creating Large-Scale Art

One of my favorite design and illustration studios, Invisible Creature, recently took on their biggest project to date…literally: a 100’x30′ mural on a new wall at the headquarters in Seattle.   The project was commissioned for the “city within a city: “South Lake Union.  Home to Amazon HQ, fine dining, upscale living & shopping, South Lake Union is full of life, culture and color. [Their] job was to reflect that with a vibrant and whimsical take on what ‘building a city’ could look like.”created at: 10/22/2012

They created this fascinating video on what it takes to take a hand-drawn sketch, turn it into digital art, then “painting it traditionally without compromising quality and its original style/intent.” 

Learn more at Invisible Creature: Keys to the City Mural