Who Made That?

created at: 06/28/2013

This morning, I totally got caught up exploring this stunning interactive article from The New York Times Magazine “Innovations Issue.” Entitled “Who Made That?” it’s a fascinatinglook at stories and persons behind the objects, devices, and ideas we interact with everyday. 

created at: 06/28/2013

I especially love this thought, which closes the introduction: 

Fortunately, even if big companies are not driving innovation, by and large, they can’t stop it either. One take-away of this Who Made That? issue is how few things we most value sprang from corporate labs or marketing departments. Mostly they came from people trying to solve a problem of their own….The ground for this type of practical problem solving is more fertile than ever, says the technology theorist Clay Shirky. In his books “Here Comes Everybody” and “Cognitive Surplus,” he presents a convincing case for how technology frees up our time and gives us the tools to use it more creatively and collaboratively. 

Check it out and click around at NYTimes.com: Who Made That?