Customize Your Cookies With DIY Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutter DIYIf pushed to declare a gender-neutral food, I’d nominate the cookie. Free of stereotypes, affiliations, and boosting and infinitely adaptable color palette, the cookie belongs on everyone’s plate, if they make it that long.

But, the cookie’s adaptability also allows for some intense customization, particularly in the classic cutout. But the next time you check out the cookie cutter section, you’ll find yourself swimming in the limited palette of teddy bears and Easter baskets. Cookie cutters should be available in as much diversity as men and women come – from powder puffs to power tools.

So, looks like we’ll have to make our own. The Beat that My Heart Skipped offers this great tutorial, which uses copper ribbon sold as a draft excluder in the hardware store.

Cookie Cutter DIY

Check out that stegosaurus!

DIY Cookie Cutters