Welcome to Bicycle Month! How To: Make a Mini Bike Light

created at: 06/02/2010

Greetings, ManMakers! June 2010 is Bicycle Month on ManMadeDIY.com. We’re passionate about two-wheeled transportation – both for its impact on the environment and your health, as well as the infinite number of bike crafts and hacks that one can do to totally take a DIY approach to cycling.


One of the key aspects of cycing is safety, especially when sharing roads with other vehicles. So, to kick things off, here’s a great mini bike light how-to that makes everything completely from scratch. This version is housed in a hose-to-faucet adapter, and uses three LEDS powered by triple-a batteries. A rocker switch is added to the back to control on/off functions.

miniBikeLight-1.jpg   Make mag video maker Kip Kay put this project into action in the video below:

If all the soldering and the resistors are a little intimidating, don’t worry. We really care about bike safety, so we’ll be featuring lots of DIY lights and signal devices throughout the month that use different techniques to get you noticed.

Make: Mini Bike Light