Jun 04, 2013

A Felted TV Dinner

created at: 06/04/2013

Fiber artist LeBrie Rich created this fantastic vintage-inspired "TV dinner," complete with a rabbit-eared television, a nostalgic Hamm's beer, and a wooly turkey dinner.    LeBrie is a Portland, Oregon-based artist who runs Penfelt, a line of handmade felt objects and fiber arts workshops. The "TV/Dinner" was "originally created for a storefront window display for Knit-Purl," a knitting supply shop in Portland, and was constructed from, "stitched commercial wool felt combined with needle and traditional wet felting."

created at: 06/04/2013

That wispy gravy! Both enticing and terrifying, just like a real TV dinner. Learn more about Lebrie's work at her site, Lebrie.com, and at PenFelt. [via Make: Craft





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