Design For Your Walls: The Tear Off Wallpaper by ZNAK

ZNAK Tear Off Wallpaper

Renters rejoice! A tearable wallpaper that’ clean, stylish, and easy to use. Looky here:

This ‘Tear Off’ modular wallpaper by ZNAK is what many of us renters have been praying for. Something to style your wall without getting your landlord to come knocking at your door with a note that reads “Say goodbye to your deposit. Sucka!”

The Tear Off is “glued” directly onto your wall and from there, you can peel off sections to create patterns or custom designs. I love the image below, where a kid went crazy with crayons, then the ZNAK wallpaper was applied and boom, an art installation is born before your eyes. Mind you, you WILL lose your damage deposit for graffiting the wall, but hey…looks awesome.

ZNAK Wallpaper

You can download their online catalog to see more specs of this cool wallpaper, including instructions. The process seems pretty straight forward: apply, peel, enjoy. Can you imagine revamping a room just by tearing off pieces from the wall? Ah-mazing.

Check out other ZNAK’s awesome products over here. (Baltic art wallpaper? Hello!). 

[Via: Design Milk]