Jun 09, 2016

Roundup: 5 Masculine-Friendly Feature Walls to Get You Inspired

Julia Leach via Lonny Magazine [http://www.lonny.com/House+Tour+Julia+Leach/articles/lzI39fArFMQ/Nesting+Corner]

Got a bunch of plain walls? Then you, my friend, need a feature wall. Oh...what's a feature wall? They're that one wall with all the stuff you want to look at: cool fireplaces, awesome artwork, a special accent paint color or graphic treament. They're a relatively easy way to add character without having to revamp an entire rooms, and will bring plenty chutzpah to your space. [Top Photo: Julia Leach for Lonny Magazine]

Feature Wall Inspiration via [http://www.themarionhousebook.com/a-bedroom-to-escape-to/ ]

Use Color: This ones easy. Select a color. Paint the whole wall. Sit back and bam! All of the sudden your place has been transformed into a modern loft. So much better to paint one wall than the whole room, right? [Photo: Kristin Sjaarda for The Marion House Book]


Feature wall inspiration via [http://www.studyonstyle.com/diy-painted-feature-wall/]

Use Patterns: Grab some masking tape, divide the wall in sections, use your favorite palette, and you'll be on your way to creating a unique playful pattern. If the colors from the picture above are a bit too whimsy for you, just use something more masculine, even better, go Scandinavian and do it all in black and white. [Photo: Weekday Carnival

Feature wall inspiration via [http://aprilandmaystudio.blogspot.ca/2012/04/from-nl-with-love-play-with-art.html]

 Use Art: If you want to avoid getting messy with paint, then resource to my favourite kind of decor: art! Select a wide range of styles and make the look cohesive by using interesting frames. Add texture by using a vintage frame with chunky edges or use sculptures. FYI: make sure the wall doesn't get too much direct sunlight or your precious gallery collection might fade away. [Photo: Jeroen van der Spek for vtwonen magazine]


Feature wall inspiration via [http://www.flickr.com/photos/71112133@N00/5380852123/in/set-72157625888392660/lightbox/]

Use Texture: Tiles, metal, brick; adding a bit of texture can make a bold statement. To achieve a great look, I would recommend sticking to one color and texture. If you go too loco you may end up with a mess (and not the cool kind). Remember that raw materials always transform a room into a calm, grounded oasis - think terracotta, stone, wood. [Photo: Rob Brinson on Design Sponge]


Feature wall inspiration via [http://www.scandinaviandeko.com/blog/iittala-opens-apartment-in-stockholm/]

Leave it empty: It doesn't get easier than this - paint your whole wall white and leave it as is. By doing this you're creating a huge canvas where you can add and remove pieces as you please. Use this area as a wall of "ideas" where you tape inspiration for future projects. [Jeanette Gostomski for iitala]

Most of the ideas in this roundup are suitable for tight budgets, so there's no need to stress about it. And hey, don't forget to share the results with us ;)


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