Five Ways to Open a Beer Bottle without a Bottle Opener

Whether you’re stuck without the appropriate tools, or just want an opportunity to show off some cool parlor tricks, there are plenty of ways to open a beer or other capped bottle without an manufactured bottle opener. Since we got such a great response for our Five Ways to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew, we thought we’d assemble five of these beer bottle tricks.

created at: 05/25/2010

Oh, and yes, it is possible to do this with your teeth, but please, please don’t. It’s not worth it, and people aren’t really laughing with you…


1. With a lighter. Check out this classic simple machine principle at work from the Wired wiki. Also works with a spoon and other hard plastic items, like a CD case.

2. With a dollar bill. Really? Yep. The trick is in the fold. This video from Chow demonstrates the technique using a full sheet of paper, but it totally works with cash.

3. With a ring. It’s round, and it’s metal, and if you do it right, it’ll look like you used your bare hands. You can also wedge a quarter in your knuckles and use that instead.

4. With another beer.  This great trick will always work, until there’s just one left.

5. With a door. Just stick the bottle in the space between the door and the jamb, and twist!