Jaw-Dropper of the Week: Google Street Video Hyperlapse

created at: 04/15/2013

This hyper-lapse Google Street video is one serious ride. Before you press play, make sure to put away any sharps objects near you (just in case you pass out).

In all seriousness, I would get rid of any distractions (dim the lights, close the door) and will turn up the volume to enjoy this experience to the max (kinda makes you feel like you’re on a space simulator of sorts).

Created by Teehan+Lax as a project for their Labs (a small independent unit within their rad digital design agency), this video is packed with images that are both, trippy and beautiful. All in “60 frames per animation”.

I would definitely avoid eating a heavy meal before the show, but if you already did, well, just have a brown paper bag handy.