Wanna Be a Better Blogger? ManMade is Teaching an Online Workshop!

Hey, hey! If you’re a blogger yourself, or you’re thinking about starting one and wanna do it right from the get go, you should check out this online course I’m teaching on growing your readership and staying organized.I’m teaming up with the Alt Channel to teach “Using an Editorial Calendar to Grow Your Blog” next Tuesday, April 16th at 2:00p EST, 11a PST. It’ll be like fruit, but for your website, and make it all nice and healthy! It’ll be cool, and fun, and we can hang out. From the course description:

Make this the year you plan your editorial content. Chris Gardner, editor-in-chief at Curbly.com, is teaching the ins and outs of having an editorial calendar and how it can help you be a better blogger and build your readership. Take 2013 by storm and plan your way to greatness. 

The class will be hosted on the Alt Summit channel, and there are 100 spots available. Registration is $15.00, and the class will last an hour, with time for questions and dialogue at the end. 

Head over to the Alt Channel to reserve your spot. I’ll see you there!  


[Image: Library of Congress Archives]