The Best Iconic Sandwiches from Around the World

The concept of nestling some tasty filling inside a few pieces of breads is nearly universal, present among cultures found all over the globe. So, to pay homage to those indigenous, unique portable edibles and the cultures that love them,Bon Appetit created this fun slideshow showcasing the iconic sandwiches from around the world. Many you’ve heard of before – the Cuban, the Panini, the Bahn Mi – but how about the open-faced Roti John from Malaysia and Singapore, or the french fry-laden Mitraillette from Belgium, or the Dutch Broodje Krocket – sandwich inside a sandwich: 

“For a sandwich to make the cut, it had to be either endemic to its homeland or strongly identified (panini, for instance, are everywhere, but they’re clearly Italian), and had to be made with bread, sliced in some manner. Pockets were avoided where possible, but for some parts of the world, bread pockets are the main form of food folder, making some exceptions inevitable.” The amount of carbs on carbs – potatoes, noodles, and the like stuffed into bread – is quite curious. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, I guess.

The Iconic Sandwiches of the World, from Banh Mi to Zapiekanka [BADaily]