10 Tasty Recipes to Cook In Your Cast Iron Skillet

At ManMade, we’re big fans of cast iron cookware, particularly the must-own skillet, which you can use from everything from cooking your breakfast bacon and eggs to cornbread to setting on your grill or an open fire for a safe, efficient way to cook outdoors. A 10″ or 12″ skillet is one of our ten items every man should own, and in my opinion,  one of the best $20-30 anyone can spend.Especially when it not only serves as a tool for making your meal, but the only vessel you need for an easy one-pot(ish) meal. The Kitchn rounded up ten cool ideas that would be equally at home on the stovetop or over the campfire. Some require a bit of boiling of pasta, etc, but all the searing, sautéing  and baking happen right there in the skillet, out of which you also serve the meal directly. 

created at: 03/07/2013

Megan says, 

Having a few quick dinner recipes in your back pocket is always a good thing. But even better are the recipes that don’t use multiple bowls and pans, allowing you to cut down on prep time and dishes. This is why I love a good skillet recipe…. There’s something really satisfying about cooking and serving dinner in a skillet — and often, depending on the dish, food actually tastes better when cooked in cast iron….This list features something for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Dinner in a Skillet: 10 Recipes to Make in Your Cast Iron Pan [The Kitchn]

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