How to: Make a DIY Wooden Dodecahedron Pendant Light

created at: 02/08/2013

I’m a big fan of geometric shapes in DIY projects, but when it comes to woodworking, it can be difficult to anticipate all the math when working with angles other than 90-degrees.    So, it’s always great when a fellow DIYer provides those measurements and means to cut them safely. Kelly and Andy from View Along the Way calculated how to make this cool dodecahedron pendant light. The process involves cutting 30 “sides” of wood, then gluing them up into pentagons, and then building the height from each of the sides. Once you’ve figured out the math, it’s all about making the cuts and letting the glue dry. And the results look worth it to me:

Check out the full how-to, or get a link to purchase a light from Kelly and Andy at:

DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light []