Jan 30, 2013

An Animated Gif that Shows How a Key Opens a Standard Lock

This might be old news to some, but I'll cop to the fact that I had more-or-less zero idea how a key and lock actually works. Something with tumblers and cylinders and somethingorother... 

And then, I watched this animated gif, and everything makes perfect sense, and I feel sorta silly for not knowing it before.    

Fascinating, right?


Which, then, begs the question: how does lock-picking work? And the answer, from the same artist:

By Stian Berg Larsen  [via Gizmodo]


Also, for more gif goodness, check out this mesmerizing animation of a sewing machine in action




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Stian Berg Larsen on Nov 04, 2013:

Ey! Late reply.. I know.. But I wanted to say thans for actually giving credit to me (the creator). Ive searched for this online now, and I see that its posted on quite a lot of blogs and forums, but no other than you actually give credit to me. SO thanks for that!
-Stian Berg Larsen