A Woodworking Robot that Carves Furniture with a Chainsaw

For Passagen 2013 (Interior Design Week in Cologne), Berlin-based company Echtwald has teamed up wit Kkaarrlls to create this: a robot who cuts stackable stools from tree trunks with a chainsaw.

Is there more that needs to be said? Well, yeah, actually…   As I-Programmer points out, “The serious point is not just that robots are fun to watch, but they offer ways of creating things that would be too difficult for alternative methods. A robot with a chainsaw is just a subtractive 3Dprinter…Perhaps the next step is carving wood to create sculptures or portraiture busts, or perhaps ice carving…”

Check it out in the video below:

Hopefully, they can also program these guys to use a sander. But, still…incredible.

See more still photos and learn lots more at DesignBoom: chainsaw robot carves the 7Xstool by tom pawlofsky + tibor weissmahr