How to: Make a $10 DIY One-Hour Upcycled Fire Pit

Yep, that's a lot of adjectives, and every single one of them gets me jazzed to make one: DIY  (check), upcycled (check), one hour (double check), and only ten dollars? Done!   Joe and Sarah came up with this great technique for a safe, contained outdoor fire pit, without spending bunches. This is the perfect project for urban dwellers who like to get outside to relax and entertain (though be sure to know your local open flame laws.)

The project is built from – you got it – an upcycled washing machine drum, which the couple cleaned up with a grinder and painted with high-temp black spray paint. (Hooray for making sparks!)

They added some custom legs since they're experienced with welding, which you could ask a local fabricator to make for you, or just skip it all together. 

I've never seen a washing machine drum out and about, but then again, I've never looked either, so I'll be keep my eyes open. Are there any other cool projects you can think to make with one of these guys?

$10 DIY One Hour Upcycled Firepit [House & Fig]

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