How to: Make DIY Bacon Pixie Stix

Candida introduces this inspired/totally crazy how-to thusly, and I couldn’t say it better myself. “Bacon Pixie Stix are the perfect combination of insanely awesome, and totally wrong.  They are, as advertised, pixie sticks – with bacon.  Make these award-winning treats for your next social occasion, and surprise your friends with a sweet, tart, bacon-flavored boot to the head.” Done!   The recipe is basically the same as any pixie stick – mix some flavor with citric acid…except in this case, the flavor is bacon. “And you don’t just have to eat them in pixie stick form – sprinkle this amazing powder on top of fruit, salads, chocolate, ice cream, or anything else in need of a sweet bacon-citric-acid kick.”

created at: 01/10/2013

How to: Make Bacon Pixie Stix (Pixie Sticks) []