Artists Design a Weekly Cheeseburger to Reflect News and Current Events

Thomas and Quentin have come up with one of my favorite art projects from 2012 – “Fat & Furious Burger.” Each week, the French graphic design team offer a new burger, a physical piece crafted from real ingredients, that comments on recent news and current events.


Each piece includes an ingredients list and a clever title referencing the inspiration. For example, for the recent release of Skyfall:

My name is Bun, Bun James. Scaviar Fall. Golden unpeeled garlic. Just for your quail eggs. Casidorade Royal. Cream expires tomorrow. Quantum Of Salad. Octopussy. The Man With The Golden Bun. The Spy Who Loved Miso. Zero zero zest. 

The creators say the project was was born when the two “were so bored of random food at lunch, so [they] started cooking together [and] it soon became a kind of a ritual: improvising and experimenting new ways of cooking a burger”. 

See more at Fat & Furious Burger [via Design Taxi]