Twenty-One Recipes for 2010’s Food of the Year: Fried Chicken

2008 was all about pork bellies and cupcakes, and in 2009, thoughts turned to locally roasted coffee, Peruvian food, and a trillion ways to prep brussels sprouts. And in 2010?

Well, apparently, it’s fried chicken. At its best, crispy, juicy, and savory, it very well may be the perfect post-recession dish. And, in the right hands, it can be prepared with much more nuance and technique than just eleven herbs and spices.After trying Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc brined and buttermilked recipe a few weeks ago, I think I’ve found my standard. But I’m also intrigued by these twenty options assembled at TipNut, including many international, and particularly Asian, approaches.

[Image: Williams-Sonoma]