How To: Bicycle Gear Clock

Hands down, this is the finest piece of recycled bike part art I’ve seen. Most just end up looking a bit, well, like hot glued dirty used bike parts, but this clever repurposing of a chain ring actually makes for some surprisingly high design.

Inspired by the Etsy shop 1 by Liz , April from The Hipster Home whipped this up for her mister as a holiday gift. Here’s how she did it:

“The first challange was to find a free or inexpensive bicycle chainring. (Ok so the REAL first step was researching and figuring out exactly what the spiky circle  that the chain goes around was called. NOW YOU KNOW TOO.) Since we’ve got a handful of bike shops in the mission, I first tried Valencia Cyclery. While the guy was extremely helpful when I asked if they had “any junk box busted bike chainrings”, they didn’t have the any laying around. I tried again at Pedal Revolution and BINGO! There was a stubborn metal peg stuck in a hole but it ended up being a great clock 12 o’clock marker. If your chainring is greasy, give it a good wash to start.”

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