These are Real: Naturally Occuring Colorful Striped Mountains in China

created at: 10/24/2012

Photographer “Melinda ^..^” has shared these stunning photos of the Danxia landforms in the Gansu province in the China. The landscapes are created by layers of red-colored sandstones and Cretaceous-era conglomerates, resulting in these amazing colorful striations that, if you ask me, would look pretty fine on a necktie.   created at: 10/24/2012

Sure, these have been here for thousands of years, but I remained (sadly) unaware this morning, and I think they’re absolutely fantastic. Had you ever seen these before? In photos, or in real life?

I love envisioning some early human walking though the mountains and stumbling upon this. I wouldn’t have been able to leave.

created at: 10/24/2012

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Melinda ^..^ on Flickr [via Kottke]