Aug 29, 2017

How to: Make a DIY Surplus Ammo Can Speaker Box

Okay, begin witty caption contest for this rugged DIY speaker system...now! "You can play your explosively good music?" "For use only when you really need to blast your tunes?" "Only plays songs that charted number one with a bullet?" "Solder up this stereo, soldier?"

Even if you're not someone known for shopping your local army surplus store or own anything else ammo-related, this fun and effective project might be worth trying, just to learn about the basics of bulding a powered speaker/amplification system into an existing structure. If olive drab just doesn't do it for you, apply the parts list/wiring technique to anything you can think of!

Ammo Box Speakers [Instructables] via Armory Blog





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dsmithad on Apr 06, 2015:

These speakers fire me up!

Anonymous on Dec 15, 2014:

It's not about wattage, it's about efficiency of the amp. 

Patrick on Oct 17, 2014:

If you are too lazy to build one, we just launched a company that makes these by hand :-)

Ammoaudio.com  ...thanks for any feedback!

Festus on Jul 28, 2014:

I am going to use this idea and modify it into an emergency lighting system that will operate on AC or DC.  In addition I will add a small radio and speakers inside as well....I will notify everyone of my progress....no matter how long it takes...