How to: Make a DIY Pumpkin Keg

Over the summer, Jaclyn and Melissa spied the watermelon keg project right here on ManMade, and immediately made one for themselves. And when fall rolled around, they figured out a way to adapt it to this seasons’, um, giant, round, open on the inside thing: the pumpkin.   Melissa says, “This scene-stealing DIY fall party project of ours is the perfect example of why I love my job. There are few people who get to go to work and craft a DIY pumpkin keg, but I do! And that makes me smile. Luckily, we’re not about keeping such secrets to ourselves here at, so we’re sharing our pumpkin keg how-to with you in the video above and with the directions below.”

Fantastic. While I don’t recommend using it for beer, since it will certainly become room temperature much faster, and likely flat from sitting around, this thing would be awesome for punch, cider, or a cocktail mixed en masse. I’m doing it.

Celebrations: Totally Awesome DIY Pumpkin Keg