How to: Make DIY Hickory Smoked Hot Sauce

It’s the height of the produce season, and your local markets and grocery stores and (hopefully) your own garden are bursting with all the high-sun summer goodies. One can only eat so many veggies in a week, so it’s time to start the preserving. And yes, canning and freezing chiles and peppers is one way to go about it…
or you can make your own smoked hot sauce.   Justin of The Chubby Vegetarian offers this recipe as a great way to add deep, intense flavor to all sorts of dishes. He suggests, “greens, tacos, cornbread, sandwiches, soups, and, well, the list is endless. It basically improves everything except, like, maybe an ice-cream sundae.” Rather than using smoked chiles from the store, like dried chipotles, Justin shows you how to smoke your own peppers, which are in abundance at this time…oh, right, already covered that above.

Anyway, I’ma make some this weekend, and you should too.

Hickory Smoked Hot Sauce [The Chubby Vegetarian]