How to: Make S’meaches – S’Mores + Peaches

I’ve gone on record many times about my love for s’mores, and balancing that with the mysterious dichotomy that I only want to eat them about once or twice a year.

But! Switching up the classic graham+choc+mallow recipe for some roasty summer stone fruit? That’s something I’d be willing to try all season.

The Kitchy Kitchen made this beautiful video that shows you how to switch out the chocolate for sugar & cayenne coated peach slices, which are stick-roasted over an open flame along with the marshmallow. It’s just a combo that makes sense: both peaches and chocolate are sweet, acidic, and just a little bitter. I can’t wait to try it while the stone fruits are still available and worth eating.

S’Meaches from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.

Also, I gotta get a macro lens. Get the full recipe from The Kitchy Kitchen: S’Meaches, Revisted