8-Bit End-Grain Cutting Boards


At ManMade, we love a nice big end-grain hardwood butcher block. In fact, we love ’em so much that we’ve made our own and use it three meals a day. It took me about 12 hours of work, so there’s no way I’d ever replace it.

Until I saw these guy. Playing off the pixel-like qualities of glued-up butcher blocks, Etsy artist 1337Motif has created retro electronic inspired cutting boards, like PacMan (above) and Space Invaders (below).


Space  Invaders Cutting Board   There’s also a Triforce block and one that looks like a backgammon board, as well as some tiny Space Invaders jewelry using the same glued-up block technique.

Good stuff, Cameron.

Etsy – 1337Motif – [via Retro to Go]