Oh My Gosh… I Actually Did It!

created at: 07/27/2012

Last week, I got a half-bushel box of peaches from a local farm. They were quite ripe, and some a little banged up, so they didn’t feel comfortable selling them, as they needed used that day. I gladly accepted, and after eating at least ten from my hand, set about finding ways to preserve them.   And along with the peaches came a batch of big, black summer flies. Worth it? Yes. But a little annoying to have buzzing around this morning trying to get my inbox under 100 emails? You bet.

So for some crazy reason, I thought I’d try it. You know – to catch a fly with chopsticks, Mr. Miyagi-style. 

So, I sat here, working typing and scrolling with one hand (my non-dominant, so probably just should focused on the one task) and chopsticks in the other. I sat near the window, where the little buggers were bugging, and in a cool five-minutes or so….

I actually got one.

Sure, I probably tried at least twenty-five times, but to even succeed in the first session? I’m pretty pleased. 

And with that… have a good weekend. You should try it, if you’ve got some chopsticks (and flies) lying (flying) around. Go to it.