Instagrammar School: How to Take Better Photos and Develop a Following

My e-buddy Jason Hudson is a Toronto-based photographer, all-around interesting guy, and the best Instagram user I know. His photos are engaging, just frequent enough, and always manage to look like, well, Jason’s Instagram photos. And his ninety-six thousand followers confirm – he knows what he’s talking about.

Jason is offering some of his tips and best practices in his Instagrammar School series (get it?), on his blog.   In the first installment, he talks about your Instagram personal “brand,” including tips for staying consistent, managing your profile, etc. In the second, he talks more about the social network aspect, and then moves on to actual photography tips for getting great photos with your smartphone.

This is top-notch info from a true pro, and I’m enjoying the series immensely, and look forward to more updates. Thanks, Jason.

Instagrammar School: Part I

Instagrammar School: Part II