The (Basically) 100% All-Bacon Burger

created at: 07/11/2012

After experimenting with a pulled pork burger, a chorizo sausage burger, and a chili cheese Frtio burger, Southern California burger chain 50/50 now offer the ‘Merica burger, which is essntiallly just bacon.    Yeah, there’s a bun, but the patty is 100%, and there’s a bacon cheddar cheese, a bacon sauce, actual strips of bacon, and a fried egg, which we can only presume is cooked in bacon drippings.

All I’m gonna say is: huh. I wouldn’t place judgment on something without tasting it, but this seems more like a novelty than actual cuilnary inspiration, right? 

What do you think? Is this trend-mongering, or chefs using classic ingredients to come up with a new twist on a dish? Please post your thoughts in comments below.

All-Bacon Burger Created By SoCal Burger Chain Slater’s 50/50