Fun Fact of the Day: Mister Rogers’ Mom Knitted All of His Cardigans

created at: 06/28/2012

As if the guy couldn’t be more endearing, here’s something to warm your crafty heart: Mister Rogers’ famed cardigans, which he pulled out of the closet to start each episode, were all knitted by hand…by his mom.  

The Smithsonian magazine reports,

To discover that one of Fred Rogers’ many cardigans had been donated to the Smithsonian’s permanent collection for safe keeping is to find myself in a moment of inescapable nostalgia about this great, understated man. And yes, Mr. Rogers did manage to be great AND understated. No mean feat, unless you slowly change into a cardigan every day for 33 years and leave an indelible mark on children and adults alike….Before going too far into the land of make believe, how about a few fun facts and an image? First the facts: Did you know that Mr. Rogers’ mother, Nancy, hand knit each and every one of those sweaters the color-blind host pulled out from his closet every day?

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