The Anytime Summer Drink Generator

created at: 06/27/2012

The summer season invites us to try new things: visit new places, read a different kind of book, try a new recreational activity, see a movie we wouldn’t otherwise be caught dead in simply because the theater cranks it’s AC down to 65 degrees…

And, of course, new flavor experiences. Specifically, new cocktails. This Summer Cocktail Generator pairs three base spirits with just a few basic modifiers and mixers to create all kinds of classic cocktails, each of which are exactly what you want to drink during the warmer months.     created at: 06/27/2012

The New York Times says,

Your success with home mixology will be defined as much by what you stock as how you use it. Most home bars contain a decent selection of base spirits and very few modifiers. A bucket of ice, a few limes and a minibar may look like a world of opportunities, but it’s not.

So instead of planning a party around what you have around the house, buy a modifier like orange Curaçao, Bénédictine, maraschino or Campari. You can make several different classic cocktails by pairing one of those with bitters, vermouth or a few items from the fruit stand. You’ll also build up your back bar, one bottle at a time.

Summer Drinks Generator