How to: Make Pad Thai Popcorn [Video]

Thai cuisine is all about the balance of four essential taste experiences: salty, sweet, sour, and piquancy (spicy heat). (Some would also add bitter to the list). This is well-represented by the most well-known Thai dish in the U.S. – Pad Thai (its name refers to its identity as a national dish of Thailand, with the pad coming from it’s being cooked in wok – literally, stir-fried Thai-style).While mastering Pad Thai at home is a worthwhile investment (this recipe from Andy Ricker is by far my favorite), if you’re not ready to mastering the art of wok cooking and making your own tamarind water and dealing with fermented preserved radish, check out this recipe for making Pad Thai popcorn, using a salty and spicey caramel with cilantro and peanuts.

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