Infographic: The Perfect Suit for the Modern Man

created at: 04/23/2012

If you back through old photos of dressed-up men, you’ll like see a few wacky turns on the men’s suit: the lapels of the 70s, the too-long, boxy jackets of the 80s, the baggy double-breasteds of the 90s. But, you’ll also note that there’s a basic look that hasn’t changed much in nearly a century: the basic, well-cut, no-frills suit that has made men look like a million bucks for the last 100 years.   Cause if you get the right suit the first time, treat it well, and update your shirt and tie every once in a while, a great suit never goes out of style.

Jake Gilchrist has illustrated an infographic of the “Perfect Modern Suit for the Modern Man,” using the tips and suggestions from J. Nelson in the 2010 GQ Men’s Style Manual.

The Perfect Modern Suit for the Modern Man [DeviantArt]