How To: The $5.00 DIY Pizza Oven

created at: 04/23/2012

There’s a very good reason the pizza from your local, independent place tastes better than what most of us can turn out at home: the crust. Even with the perfect sauce, the best dough, and an amazing mix of toppings, lots of homemade pizzas come out too thick, too soft, and too soggy. See, commercial pizza ovens can reach temperatures in excess of 1000°F, providing that crisp, cracker-like crust that makes pizza so special in the first place.   There are plenty of commercial options available, most notably the pizza stone, a round ceramic slab that gets preheated with the oven to crisp up the crust. A well made one will work, generally, but they only really affect the bottom crust, and can get it too crispy before the toppings warm and cheese melts. They can also cost anywhere from $25-60.

Instructable-user NHLavalache shows you how to use inexpensive unglazed quarry tiles from the hardware store to create a brick oven effect in your own home oven, most of which can usually only reach 500°F or so.

$5 DIY Pizza Oven [Instructables]