Apr 05, 2012

How to: Make All-American Bottle Cap Wall Art

created at: 04/05/2012

On their own, bottle caps are tiny little works of art: circular canvases that conveys a beverage's message almost as directly as its flavor. It's no wonder that folks have been collecting these unique expressions for as long as crown cork cap has been around.

So, since its sort of a shame to throw them away, don't. Start saving them, get a few from your friends and family, make friends with a bartender, and resurrect them into some topographic wall art.   Fossil, the vintage-leaning accessory company, shows you how-to create a map of the U.S. in recyclables, securely attaching colorful bottle caps to recycled shipping pallets.

created at: 04/05/2012

Get the full how-to at Fossil・Life・Style





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Alex kehoe on Nov 20, 2015:

What is the process of going about how to make this

janet on Sep 04, 2015:

i have searched for instructions on Fossil.com etc and can not find the directions to make the bottle cap us map . Does anyone have the instructions on" how to " ?

nidhi on Apr 06, 2012:

Even if you don't make these, bottle caps are probably recyclable! So don't throw them away :)