Song Map: A Road Map of Song Titles

Many a song has been written about “the road.” From bluesmaster Robert Johnson’s Faustian deal with the devil at the crossroads to a good twenty-five percent of the Bob Dylan and Paul Simon songs in the sixties, many tunes memorialize specific places, or the journey along them.

English design firm Dorothy collected 390 song titles and organized them into a singular, incredible road map.  

Dorothy says,

A road map made up of 390 song titles: from Highway to Hell to Penny Lane, Itchycoo Park to Heartbreak Hotel. And just like places in our own neighbourhood, some are really good and some are best avoided – remember Love House by Sam Fox?

For the real music geek there’s an A-Z key on each print listing all 390 songs and the bands that sang them, and we’ve set up a playlist on Spotify to accompany the Map providing 23 hours worth of music.

How many can you name? Do you know of any not included here?

Song Map: Unlimited Edition [We Are Dorothy] [via Laughing Squid]