The Cricket Pop-Up Trailer

The entire U.S. has had one bizarre winter. In my state, it’s been the sixth warmest winter on record, and the entire world began to bloom in mid-March, instead of the normal late April, seven weeks later.

And yet, it hasn’t helped my sense of spring fever. Sure, I’ve been able to start bicycling earlier this year, and my garden is already planted, whereas normally we have to wait until Mother’s Day. But that sense to get out; to leave the house behind, to explore and be at the mercy of things you can’t control? Still as strong as ever.

And these unbelievable trailers by Cricket are not helping. One bit.  

“Leave the passé living-room-on-wheels R.V. paradigm behind and step into the future. Your Cricket is the perfect antidote to rising fuel costs and the decreased towing capabilities of next-gen vehicles because it allows you to use the vehicle you already own. The..Cricket is your base camp, containing exactly what you need. No more, no less…

With a single touch roof latch that opens in seconds, Cricket removes the tricky set-up associated with most pop-ups, making it easy to use for all ages and abilities. Dual entry doors make loading and unloading a breeze and increases “on the go” access to your spacious interior. Whether setting up camp, taking a quick pit-stop, or looking for your favorite tool, Cricket keeps all you need seconds away.”

Let’s go.

The Cricket Trailer [via Bless This Stuff]