How to: Make Guinness Chocolate Brownies

I like pie. I like cake. I really like cookies, and I’m quite partial to milkshakes.

But I love brownies. Like cantsaynowontstopeatingthem love brownies. They’re dense and chewy, a bit bitter, and the perfect mix between baked goods and candy: all of the sugar and none of the calorie-wasting flour. (Which I’ll deny saying when we start to talk pizza crust, so don’t even try…)

And then, there’s these: Guinness brownies, which include the iconic stout in both the batter and the icing, where it lends its characteristic yeasty bitterness and rich malty flavors. I haven’t tried this specific recipe (yet), but I buy it. Oh buddy, do I buy it.

Get the full recipe at Bon Appetit: Chocolate-Stout Brownies [via Gastronome Tart]