Beer for Dessert: 5 Tasty Beer Float Recipes

Root beer floats work for a very specific reason: they contain lots of complex bitter and aromatic flavors that balance not only their own sweetness but the creaminess of ice cream. Know what other drink has plenty of complex bitter flavors and aromatic notes? Actual beer.

Having just passed the St. Patrick’s Day…season[? Is that a thing?], you know doubt saw all sorts of folks going on about a Guinness & vanilla ice cream float, which is actually pretty delicious. But with these five recipes, you’ll be rocking variations on the combo all summer long.Emma from The Kitchn says, “Beers like chocolate stouts and fruity lambics are halfway to being desserts already. By adding a scoop of ice cream, we’re just helping things along. As the weather starts to warm and head towards summer, these beer and ice cream combos are sounding particularly appealing.”

I especially love that she recommends different universal styles of beer, rather than specific brews that can be hard to find in different parts of the country. Head to The Kitchn to get all the tasty recipes!