Mar 08, 2012

The Dollar Shave Club - Get Monthly, Inexpensive Razors in the Mail

I haven't tried this out for myself, but the video alone is worth a watch. It's a pretty simple deal, actually, but it seems to make sense. Get quality, generic-branded razors in the mail every month with a low subscription fee. At $9 a month for the fanciest blade, it's still cheaper than buying a pack at the store.

Dollar Shave Club razor pricing options

Via DollarShaveClub.com


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Ken on Mar 09, 2012:

I have used the twin blade, and it is nasty.  The blade is good for two shaves, after that the lubrication strip is mostly gone and the blade is rough. It is basically a disposible quality razor blade.   May be the 4x is better.

Katie on Mar 08, 2012:

I actually signed up for these when a groupon, or some such, came out for them. I was hesitant. Surprisingly, both my husband and I prefer them to the typical $10 razor with $15 replacement blades. He likes them because the heads are small without all the unnecessary bulk making them easier to manuver over angles. I like them because the just seem more comfortable. We each have our own head, and I think mine is probably a month old and still sharp. Granted neither of us is very hairy or daily shavers, but these razors are SO worth the money.