Feb 29, 2012

Cast Iron Cookware Shaped Like U.S. States

Cast iron cookware? Awesome. Topography? The best. Family companies practicing traditional artisnal crafts and making amazing things? That you can actually buy? Can't beat that.

FeLion Studios has created the "Made in America" series of cast iron cookware, a collection of functioning skillets in the shape of all forty-eight contiguous United States. 

"Every state-shaped skillet is labeled with the FeLion Studios logo, and stamped with a production number. They are shipped raw, ( un-seasoned ) unless pre-ordered to have seasoning done... Each skillet comes with a custom made magnetic hanger that displays the pans neatly on the wall. This allows you to easily install the piece as wall art, use it, and re-hang your skillet simply by plunking it back onto the magnet for a clean and easy exhibition."

Visit FeLion Studios to learn more, and, as Martin says, "or more information or to purchase a pan (or 48)."

Made in America Cast Iron Cookware [via CMYBacon]


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Anonymous on Apr 25, 2012:

Very interesting idea for cookware design.  I like it!

CitricSugar on Feb 29, 2012:

This entire idea must have come from someone's joke about the Florida panhandle.  Still pretty cool but obviously some states will be more useful in the kitchen than others...