How to: Make a Secret Flask Inside Everyday Items

created at: 02/23/2012

Maker and artist Mike Warren has invented “the Gentleman’s Ski Pole,” a clever option to add a small, concealed flask inside the handles of his skiing stocks.

But what he’s really done is show all of us how to secretly stash a DIY flask inside of anything you can imagine: a walking stick, a book, a portfolio or breifcase…

If it’s got some solid material, you can put a flask in it. And, oh, should you put a flask in it.

Mike’s brilliant technique involves clear plastic tubing, which you can easily find at any hardware store, and 30¢ plastic bottles, from the travel section at the pharmacy.

He says,

Why not adapt something you’d be carrying anyway? Enter the gentleman’s ski pole. Made with a few dollars worth of hardware store bits and pieces, you can make portable liquid container. For the refined gentleman, your schnapps is sippable even when you can’t reach your pockets. Also, by combining the pole with a flask, you’re less encumbered when on the chairlift and far less likely to inadvertently drop a skiing accessory. Forget bringing a St.Bernard on your next ski trip, all you need is the gentleman’s ski pole! A discreet decanter for the discerning downhill gentleman.

Of course, you’ll want to be thoughful about where you could put these…my first thought is “bike handle bars!” but then…that’s likely illegal, and certainly not safe. But with a little thoughtfulness, you can find all sorts of fun places to stash these.

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