How to: Make Your Own Typographic Scrabble Tile Coasters

Head to any thrift store or charity shop, and I guarantee you’ll find an old worn out Scrabble game. Likely, it’ll be complete with the board, but it’s doubtful all the tiles will be present. Also likely? It’ll be something like 91¢, which means you should totally get it and make something out of it!   Inhabitat found these awesome typographic coasters made from upcycled Scrabble tiles from Etsy seller MadeByMarcy, and suggest them as a prime project for a DIY effort.

Just grab some yellow wood glue, and arrange your tiles. Use a cotton swab or small brush to apply a thin coat of glue on all the interior sides, and then allow to dry for five to eight minutes. Then, press the glued sides together, and apply pressure using small clamps, or blue painters tape for at least an hour. Let dry, then apply a clear coat of acrylic or polyurethane to keep the wood from swelling under condensation.

Or, snag a set for a very reasonable $27.00 from Marcy on Etsy