How to: Make a DIY Citrus Peel Candle

Perhaps you’re staying in tonight, cooking dinner with your significant someone, and you’re interested in making the table just-that-much-more special. Or maybe you’ll be hosting a dinner party soon, and you really wanna impress your guests. Or, and most likely, you’ve looked at citrus peel and said, “This smells really good. I should make something with it.”   The answer, in all three cases, is:  make a citrus peel candle! These guys are crazy easy to create, and, with the exception of a glug of olive oil, practically free. Erica from Honestly…WTF chose to make hers from satsuma mandarin, but I’m guessing these can be created from everything from tangelos to pomelos.

DIY Satsuma Candle [Honestly…WTF]