Pizza Beer: Slices and Suds, Together at Last!

created at: 02/09/2012

When it comes to strange foods and drinks, I’m easily intrigued (have you tried our peanut butter cheeseburger yet?!). But here’s one that might be a little too bizarre for me: Pizza Beer. Granted, beer and pizza are both wonderful creations that I enjoy on a regular basis, but a beer that tastess like pizza…?  

created at: 02/09/2012

My first reaction to seeing this was that some mysterious cocktail of chemical pizza flavorings must be added to this brew, but I was wrong. In fact, a real Margarita pizza is one of the ingredients. Here’s some details about the brewing process from Mamma Mia Pizza Beer’s website:

“The Margarita pizza is put into the mash & steeped like a tea bag. A whole wheat crust made with water, flour & yeast is topped with tomato, oregano, basil & garlic. The essence of the pizza spices is washed off with hot water and filtered into a brewpot, where it is boiled for a long, long time. During the process, we add hops & spices in a cheesecloth type bag & filter the cooled liquid into a fermentation vessel. (big glass 6 gallon water jug). After a week or two, the beer is good to go.”

Visit Mamma Mia Pizza Beer for more info, including where it can be purchased.

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