Jan 24, 2012

Bolster Your Creative Output by Activating Your "Red Zone"

In football (as in American football, the brown ellipsoid one) there's a special section of the field dubbed the "red zone," that space betweent the twenty-yard line and the goal. And...a game's outcome is often determined by either team's performance in this zone. As they're pros, they can often get into the space, but if they're not able to get top notch results once there, they'll likely lose.

Turns out...the same rules apply to creativity and getting great work done. And it has nothing to do with how hard you work, or what you actually produce in your job."In much the same way, we each have a personal red zone, and a corresponding set of extracurricular activities that we must engage in consistently if we want to do great work over the long-term. This means that we must perform these activities even when, or especially when, work gets intense. How well and how consistently we perform them can determine our overall success or failure."

So, it's not your actual work habits, but the accompanying personal and lifestyle activities that make you most productive. Good news indeed!

Learn more about what they can be at The 99 Percent:

Bolster Your Creative Output by Activating Your "Red Zone"



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