I Love Everything About This…

So, apparently there was a major internet event involving a little guy named Marcel, a sweet, confident mollusk with one googly eye and a pair of shoes. 

And. I totally missed it. Had no idea about it, really, until yesterday, when “Marcel the Shell with Shoes 2” hit, to accompany an actual print book and interactive iPad app. Along with partnerwith partner Dean Fleischer-Camp,Marcel was conceived and voiced by Jenny Slate, the former SNL featured player who never stood a chance after she swore during her first sketch ever, despite how awesome that doorbell character was. (“Jingle bell…jingle bell…answer your door”)

If you’re already familiar with Marcel, I’m sorry to be redundant, but if not yet, you most certainly need to know about this.  

And a bit about the iPad eBook from PC magazine, and the new hardcover book!