Denim Mythbusters: What You Should Never Do to Good Jeans

created at: 01/09/2013

If you’re interested in purchasing one or two long-lasting quality style pieces instead of a closet full of single-seasons, you’ve probably heard some of the myths about selvedge denim. Like, that you should never wash it (ever), wear it in the bathtub or roll around in the ocean and sand with it, or clean your jeans by putting them in the freezer.   

For the truth, The Crosby Press visited with denim gurus Kiya Babzani and Andrew Chen of Self Edge to perform a bit of sartorial mythbusting.

See their suggestions in the video below:

So, you know…wash your jeans.  [via Doobybrain]

Top image features “Grim Tim” by Nudie Jeans