The 10 Most Stylish Music Videos of All Time

In the early days of pop music, you used to only have to do one thing: make a hit. Then, the full-length album came along, and musicians had to write at least ten tunes, with hopefully one or two single-worthy tracks. Then, the music video was introduced, and the game changed again. And now, the video has moved away from the television and onto the internet, so teenagers no longer have to stay up until 2:00a with their finger on the VCR record button, waiting for that one video to show. (Come on, Matt Pinfield! Play it!)

In the days of internet video, bands not only have to make a song that accompanies the tune, or perhaps be entered into the festival circuits (your Mark Romanek, Michel Gondry, etc), but be consumable by the masses. Heck, most teenagers I know just use YouTube as their personal radio stations.Anyway, the point is: you gotta have a stylish music video to have a hit. The dudes from Everyguyed have rounded up their Ten Most Stylish. “Coming into prominence with the advent of MTV, the music video came to define the music industry throughout the 80′s & 90′s. Bite-sized bits of cinema set to your favorite tune, music videos became a way for a group to engage with their audience through visuals, often with controversial results. Here at EveryGuyed we’ve assembled a list of 10 music videos we think embody ‘style’ more than most.”

There’s a quintessential Spike Jonze, a bit of grunge, some solid 90s R&B, and, of course, the most famous music video of all time.

Check out their list at Everyguyed