Please Welcome Our New Contributor, Martin Refsal!

Today is a day of good news, my friends. First, it’s the beginning of the best two weather weeks of the year, where the fall leaves start to get really good, and everything smells spicey and cidery, and you allow yourself to eat terrible-for-you cereal again, in the form of its ultimate expression, Frankenberry. (I had my first bowl last night. It was epic.)

Equally important, it’s a good day for ManMade, where we bring on our first regular contributor, Martin Refsal. When I began ManMade a year and a half ago, it was just me, navigating the craft and design scene, looking for crafty projects that don’t scream, “This is for girls,” or creative guy projects not found in the make/geek/hack approach, or presume an encyclopedic knowledge of Dr. Who.

Bruno and John have helped me fill in the gaps, but I knew that when I brought in a regular contributor, he’d 1) need to be a guy (at least the first time ’round) and 2) need to get this whole men crafting thing I’m going for.

People, Martin gets it. He’s a full time designer and art director in NYC, and started his own design blog, CMYBacon, just over a year ago. I devour his posts daily (as often as I’d like to eat actual bacon, but gotta watch those saturated fats), so I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather contribute to ManMade. Like, I literally can’t think of anyone else, which is why I waited until Martin to bring someone in.

Dude’s so on top of things, he’s already published his first post. So, please say hi, and be sure to follow him on Twitter (and us, too!)

This is gonna be fun. Welcome, brother.